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Lisa Weinbaum

Posted on June 05 2019

Shalom! This box is a very meaningful one, as it embodies one of the greatest Jewish values...Tzedakah. You will learn about the diffferent levels of tzedakah on your information card, and hopefully you and your family will begin filling your lives with tzedakah as you start reaching for the highest level. 

 Watch how to make your tzedakah box!  Now you and your family can start collecting spare change.  Fill your box and donate to your favorite charity and then do it all over again!

Watch how to make your Blessing Bag!  Keep your blessing bag inside a grown up's car and next time you see someone asking for food or money, you can hand them the bag. Imagine how happy you'll make someone!


Nine Ways to Make Giving a Family Habit from

40 Ways for Kids to Give Back to Their Community from

  1. Pick up rubbish wherever you go.
  2. Donate unwanted toys.
  3. Help with yard work for elderly or unwell neighbours.
  4. Volunteer at community events.
  5. Help bake cookies to give to local service people and volunteers.
  6. Plant a tree.
  7. Make handmade cards for kids in hospital.
  8. Participate in fundraisers and charity events.
  9. Read to younger kids at your local library.
  10. Donate handmade gifts to a charity for them to sell.
  11. Give outgrown books to local medical centre, daycare or hospital.
  12. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  13. Create bird feeders to attract wildlife.
  14. Donate clothes and accessories that no longer fit.
  15. Do something kind for a random community member.
  16. Write a letter to a pen pal who could use a friend.
  17. Play card or board games with residents at a nursing home.
  18. Donate a portion of their pocket money to charity.
  19. Organise a beach or park clean up with friends and family.
  20. Start a school recycling or awareness program.
  21. Hold a collection drive for the less fortunate.
  22. Sell unwanted items and give the profits to a needy cause.
  23. Write a message of thanks to a community hero.
  24. Do household chores for a sick friend or neighbour.
  25. Help raise money for a charity with a bake sale.
  26. Spend time with sick kids in hospital or the elderly in nursing homes to bring some cheer.
  27. Raise awareness about an issue in the community.
  28. Assist in cooking a meal for a family in need.
  29. Hold a give-back party where everyone brings an item to donate.
  30. Sponsor a less fortunate child or animal.
  31. Use manners, smile and say hello when out and about.
  32. Hold a car wash to raise money for a charity or service.
  33. Use the skills they have to make items to cheer up those in need, such as knitting scarves.
  34. Participate in a fun run to raise money for the charity of their choice.
  35. Set up a water dish for local wildlife in back yard.
  36. Use reusable packaging for school lunches.
  37. Make bookmarks to donate as gifts.
  38. Become a mentor to a younger kid.
  39. In lieu of birthday or Christmas gifts, ask for donations to chosen cause.
  40. Offer to help tend gardens at community centre.

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