Purim Extras

Lisa Weinbaum

Posted on February 26 2019


With Purim coming soon, we hope you enjoy getting ready for this great holiday!!

There are many ways to learn about Purim. You can read a book, listen to a shpiel, or watch a video. Here is a great, short, funny video to teach you the story of Purim and why we celebrate - watch now

In your box, you have everything you need to make a box for Mishloach Manot. Watch this video to help if you need to see how it's done. This is what the box should look like after you make it:

You also have the materials in your box to recreate your Purim characters. You can decorate them however you want - use your imagination - but here is an example if you need some ideas:


Synagogues and groups of people all over the world create Purim Shpiels to retell the story of Purim. You'll find plenty of silly, sweet, and funny ones but this is one of our favorites.  You can't ever go wrong with a Hamilton version!! Watch the Hamilton Shpiel and try not to sing along 😉 


As always, we like to give you some songs to listen to. Some of our favorites are: Macabeats Purim Song  and a Purim parody of "All About That Bass"


When you finish everything in your Shalom at Home box, and you're still looking for more to do, Everyday Jewish Mom has some great Purim activities.  You already have her recipe for Hamantaschen in your box (and her great ideas for decorating) but she has even more!!

For all of you Lego lovers out there, you must check this out. You can make your own lego gragger. How cool is that!

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