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Lisa Weinbaum

Posted on April 05 2019

Shalom! Inside your box this month, you have a lot to help you learn about Passover. Here is all of your "extra" information. Enjoy!

Watch our video to see our Painting of the Ten Plagues

Do you know what the word "seder" means? It means "order" and all over the world, everyone's Passover Seder will follow the same order. Listen to the parts of the seder

The Four Questions - Listen here

The four questions are really one question with four answers.  Because the seder is such an unusual gathering, we ask why things are so different? Why is tonight different?  And our answers are:

  1. All other nights we can eat bread or matzah.  Tonight, only matzah.
  2. All other nights we eat all vegetables.  Tonight, just bitter vegetables.
  3. All other nights we don’t dip foods.  Tonight we dip twice.
  4. All other night we sit or recline.  Tonight we only recline. 

Learn more about the four questions with this video from Bim Bam: 

If you’re afraid you’ll forget the words, this one has the words for you to sing along with

And one last version from the Maccabeats

Elijah’s Cup:  We drink four cups of juice or wine at the seder, but there is a fifth cup we don’t drink, and that’s Elijah’s cup!  We invite the prophet Elijah to our seders because tradition says he will return one day to tell us we will have a time of no war, no hunger, no fighting, and complete peace.

Miriam’s Cup: A new tradition is to also have a cup of water on the seder table for Miriam.  This is to bring to mind the importance of Miriam and other women during the Exodus, and to remember the source of water that tradition says followed Miriam wherever she went.

You can decorate a cup with yarn for Elijah and Miriam to put on your Seder Table

Haggadot: You have so many options when participating in a seder. Here are some suggestions of Haggadot you can use. Take a look and find one that works best for your family. 


Passover is such a wonderful story and we have so many ways we can learn about it. There are many books you can read as well as some videos. Our friends at PJ Library put together a Passover Story in 10 Scenes

Disney also has a great movie version of the story. You can rent the video for only $3.99 Dreamwork's Prince of Egypt 


As always, we like to share with you some of our favorite songs! Here is our list for you to listen to and enjoy: 

 Help decorate your Seder Table with this fun Matzah House from Kveller

Inside your box is a recipe card, but in case you lost it here it is in digital form!


We hope you have a wonderful Passover!

-Lisa and Diane

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