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Lisa Weinbaum

Posted on November 03 2018

Stained Glass:

In your box, you have everything you need to make "stained glass."  Here are some hints for your project to make it just the way you want it!:
  • Color on the rough side only.
  • Double coat your marker to give it a bolder look.
  • For extra help, see our video of directions and inspiration of gorgeous images of stained glass:

Ner Tamid:

In your box, you will see all the elements you need to make your own Ner Tamid lantern.  This project can get messy!  So, ask for help if you need it!
Directions for Ner Tamid:
  1. Make sure you have your table covered in a plastic cover that can be thrown away, like a cut open trash bag.
  2. Blow up your balloon and tie the end.
  3. Pour your glue into a cup and add a few drops of water at a time until it is slightly thin and pours off a spoon.  Stir. You may need more glue than what we could fit into this box depending on the size of your balloon. :)
  4. Place your ball of yarn into the glue so that it is well covered in glue.
  5. Take one end of the gluey yarn and tie it to the knot on the balloon.  Then start wrapping the yarn around and around the balloon. Keep pulling out more yarn (make sure it has enough glue, if not, rub some on with your fingers) and wrapping in all different directions around the balloon.  When finished, tuck the end of the yarn under other gluey yarn.
  6. Allow to dry for 24 hours
  7. After dry, poke the balloon very softly with a pencil eraser to loosen it from the hardened yarn.
  8. Cut the knotted end of the balloon very carefully, careful not to cut through more yarn than the piece around the knot.
  9. Pull out the deflated balloon.
  10. If the yarn sinks in, you can tuck in another balloon and blow it up to make the yarn push out again or just use your fingers to reform.
  11. Attach your separate piece of yarn to the ball so you can hang it.
  12. Find a large enough opening in your yarn, or push the yarn open enough so you can squeeze in your tea light candle.
  13. Turn on the candle, hang your ball, and you have a Ner Tamid!

If you need more help, here is an instructional video of making a similar lantern:


Light of Creation:

Here is the link from our informational card on The Story of Creation, by Rabbi Kushner on the site Bim-Bam: 


Jewish Yoga and Meditation:

If you love the images we included of Aleph-Bet yoga, click here to buy the book on Amazon.

To do some guide Jewish Meditation, go here:

To learn more about Jewish yoga and hear music and more meditations, go here:



Other ideas for you:

  • Make a Night Sky Light using a glass jar and aluminum foil.  Poke holes in the foil with the end of a paper clip.  Wrap and tape on the inside of the jar.  Put a small light inside the jar, and you have a Constellation Jar! 

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