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Lisa Weinbaum

Posted on May 04 2019

Hi everyone!

We hope you are excited about this month's box.  It's time to make a mezuzah!

In your box, you will find everything you need to create your own artistic klaf.  Did you know that a kosher klaf has to be written by a sofer and that it takes between 1-2 years for a person to be trained to be a sofer?

You can watch a real sofer create a klaf (this video is sped up, so it would actually take about two hours!) here:

Video of Klaf Writing

And if you want to follow the rules as much as you can to be like a real sofer, go to this website:


Of course you need a mezuzah for your personal klaf!  You have everything you need to create one in your box.  If you want to watch the video on how to make it, watch it here!:

Video for making the mezuzah 


We, at Shalom at Home, wish you many blessings in your home (and don't forget that sometimes blessings come from things that at first don't seem like blessings!).

If you want to watch the video on how to make your artful blessing, go here:

Video for Blessings for the Home 


Want even more?

Here is a children's song by one of our friends, Judy Caplan Ginsburg, called "I see a Mezuzah:

Listen here

Nervous about hanging the mezuzah correctly?  Here is a video just in case.

Video How to Hang Mezuzah


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