Jewish Star Extras

Lisa Weinbaum

Posted on July 06 2019

Shalom! We hope you're enjoying all the crafts from your Jewish Star box. This iconic symbol has so much meaning for so many people!


Here are some tips for the crafts in the box:

-Watercolor Resist:

  • You can use the wooden star from the box to trace with or draw your own Jewish Star, but make sure your star has six points instead of five.
  • You can make one big star in the center or a few stars can fit on your paper if you'd like.
  • Make sure you push down hard with your crayon so the star is extra "waxy." 
  • When you paint over the star, make sure you use the big paintbrush from the box (not the small one that comes with the paint). 
  • You want your watercolor paint to be pretty watery so it glides right over your crayon. Cover the entire paper with paint so you can really see your crayon pop through the paint.

-Rainbow Scratch Star:

  • Scratch the surface to let the rainbow appear.
  • Hang the string through the hole when your done and use it for decoration around the house!

-Popsicle Stick Star:

  • You can decorate with the dot stickers from this box, or you can use any of the materials from previous boxes. Some glitter glue may look nice!

-Wooden Star:

  • You can decorate the star with the tape from this box, or you can use any of the materials from previous boxes. Markers, paint, and glitter glue would all look nice!

-Beaded Star:

  • There are so many designs you can make using your beads and pegboard. Get some ideas from our insert card or make your own! Just make sure all of your beads are touching.
  • When your adult irons the beads at the end, tell them to make sure there isn't any steam. The iron needs to be dry.
  • Here are some more ideas on bead decoration if you need



 Now that you've used the crayons from your box, here is another really fun activity you can make using those crayons. If you don't have a silicon star mold, you can buy this mold from amazon 

  1. Peel the paper off your used crayons
  2. Break them into small pieces 
  3. Mix them together into the star molds
  4. Bake at 200° for 10-15 minutes



Do you have origami paper? Watch this video to see how to make an origami star.

Do you have rainbow loom bands and a hook? Watch this video to see how to make a rainbow loom Jewish Star.

Still want to learn more about the Jewish Star? Watch this video from our friends at







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